Prayer Points 30 Sep 09

ppTopic: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done….
Exhortation Text: Matt 6:10; Luke 11:2; 12:32 & Rom 14:17

  • Give God thanks and Praise again for seeing you through to the end of September 2009.
  • Exodus 33:13 – Pray for more grace upon your life. Ask God to show you His way, not his acts Psalm 103:7. That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection.
  • Pray for His will upon your life in the area of ministry, finance, marriage, health, your homes and families. Pray from 3 John 2 and Jeremiah 29:11.
  • Ask God to open your eyes to understand what His will for your life is and the grace to obey and to follow – Acts 9:6.
  • It is God’s will for you to bear fruit and not to be barren – Exodus 23:26; Deut 28:1-14. Challenge every spirit of unfruitfulness and barrenness in your life by fire in Jesus name.

NB: It is God’s WILL for you and I to grow from strength to strength – Psalm 84:7, from faith to faith – Rom 1:17, from glory to glory – 2Cor 3:18, from grace to grace – John 1:16, in the word of the Lord – 1 Pet 2:2, in knowledge – 2 Pet 3:18 and in Love – Eph 4:15.

  • So tell God that in all these areas mentioned above, your situation must start changing from today. That you will begin to experience growth to a greater dimension in these areas. He should take you through all the necessary paths that will help you to grow.
  • Challenge every force of resistance and tell them “This thing proceedeth from the Lord and no one can change it” Gen 24:50

NB: It is the will of God for you to advance in your career, in business, financially, to get married (for the unmarried) etc. It is the will of God for you to move forward – Deut 2:1-3.

  • Therefore pray against every spirit of hindrance to your advancement in these areas. Say to the devil and his demonic structures that have hindered you “Hinder me not seeing the Lord has prospered my way” – Gen 24:56
  • Pray like this, “Let the angels of the living God roll away the stone blocking my financial, physical and spiritual breakthroughs in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Let God arise and let all the enemies of my breakthrough be scattered in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray like this, “O Lord, bring me into favor will all those who will decide on my advancement
  • O Lord, cause a divine substitution to happen if this is what will move me forward.
  • It is the will of God that your family should be saved – 2 Pet 3:9. Therefore pray and insist on the salvation of your loved ones. Plead with God to grant them forgiveness. If necessary, mention names.
  • Ask God to fill you with His righteousness and peace and joy unspeakable (in the Holy Ghost), so that you will begin to experience His Kingdom here on earth – Rom 14:17.

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